Who We Are

Man exercising  in gym - push ups


...we train athletes, professionals, moms, dads and everyone in between. We understand each individual has a goal and not all goals are the same. However, at The Lift, we do share a commonality...a driving force that forges a bond, our focus and our drive.The Lift is not a place you go to get in a “workout”. There are no televisions, no mirrors, no fluff and no comfortable places to sit. The Lift is an outlet where you can safely test your mental and physical toughness. It is a culture that motivates each of us to push a little harder, dig a little deeper and to reach for that 1% more that will make us better. Because 1% better every time, in time, makes you great!The Lift is an environment that inspires us to transcend our current mindset, to go beyond the training, beyond the kettle bell, the sprint, the barbell, the two minute warning and the puddles of sweat. We thrive on hard work and believe in the methodology of “How you do anything is how you do everything”.

What do you believe?