We Mere Mortals Do Have Our Limits…Really…?

I have always been a big fan of motocross and freestyle motocross. Even raced for a couple seasons back in the day. The first motocross to freestyle athlete that blew me away was Travis Pastrana. He had a great career as a Suzuki Factory sponsored pro rider before he made the transition to freestyle. In 2003 Pastrana was the first athlete ever to land the backflip which set the new standard in freestyle that ostensibly ended the careers of many a pro rider who admittedly lacked the willingness to go THAT big. 

A few years later at the 2006 X-Games Travis once again pulled off an un-be-lievable double back flip that again stunned EVERYONE both inside and outside the X-Sports Circle
Years pass and Pastrana seemed to have no realistic intention on making a run at anything beyond the DBF (well he actually did…but…). He eventually comes to the realization that the time has come to step down and pass the crown unto an Aussie freestyle talent by the name of Josh Sheehan. What happens next… is simply mind-blowing