Monthly Archives: November 2017

Sharing Strength

  • by Matt Jennings
  • November 11, 2017
  “The obvious truth is that you and I take care of ourselves so that we’re more able to take care of those around us. We’re extraordinarily generous and considerate people, like a breed of our own. We lift weights so we may lighten the load for our neighbors. We eat healthful foods so that […]Read More >>

The Whys Mentor

  • by Matt Jennings
  • November 2, 2017
There is this ideal out there that suggests that we should understand or know our ‘why’. Why we get up out of bed every morning… Why we do what we choose to do everyday… The why or the purpose of why we even exist… and why anyone should care…? Here’s my why: I believe that being strong […]Read More >>