‘A Penny Saved Is’…What?

Hey Tribe…here’s the best financial advice I have ever heard. I thought that it was so good that I would share it with you all. Ready…? Here goes ➵ “A penny saved…Is.. a fucking penny! Go make some money. Not just some money…But some real money… a whole shitload of money! So much money in fact that you will need an escort every time you go to the bank to make a deposit” I love…LOVE…LOVE everything about that advice. It goes deep, discounts, invalidates, derails and ‘turns on it’s waxy laden little ear lobe’ the average thought process of how most of us grew up with and perceive today the concept of the almighty $! Personally…I do not save my money. Don’t get me wrong… Kathy and I do not blow money by any means. What we do though is USE our money to re-invest in and expand our business so that we can hire more great people so that we can reach more people…help change more lives…give to charity and put back-into-our-community. All that stuff takes M-O-N-E-Y…right? Then…we simply WASH…RINSE…REPEAT. Do you feel me?

We decided years ago to invest in and BELIEVE in the Impact…the Purpose…the Legacy…                                                                                                  that is today THE LIFT GYM