Amp Up Your Strength Training With A Dose Of This↓

For years it has been common (and smart) practice that athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been using protein supplements after hitting the iron to optimize the benefits of a workout. Protein (and more accurately amino acids) are essential for both the recovery and remodeling/growth of muscle after an adequate strength training session. But it has also been found that what we consume soon before a strength training session can provide some noticeable improvement in our performance in the weight room. Below are a few studies that show how pre-workout caffeine can help take your next strength training session to the next level.

Increase In Muscular Force and Strength

This study examined Brazilian Jiu-jitsu athletes, who were measured doing a variety of jumping and weightlifting tests. The researchers found that athletes who consumed caffeine before the workout had greater muscular force, power and strength endurance.

Building a Stronger Upper Body

Caffeine may also enhance the effects of upper-body exercises. A study published in The Journal Of Strength & Conditioning Research noted that caffeine consumption right before an upper body training session may improve performance. The same study also found that caffeine may help mitigate delayed onset muscle soreness in some people.

Improvements In Bench Press and Squat Power

Caffeine may also help you develop more explosive movement. This study looked at the approximate amount of a caffeinated beverage needed pre-workout to potentially improve strength-qualities of both an upper-body (bench press) and lower-body (half squat) exercise.

In conclusion of the above study the researchers suggest that athletes who consumed at least 3mg/kg of caffeine before the workout exploited greater muscular force, power and strength endurance.