Body Fat + Bike = You’re Gonna Hate Me

  Here is my  #1 go to Conditioning Method that will turn up the dial (Way Up) on your fat incinerating furnace. WARNING: Consult Your Physician Before You Attempt This Bike Pedaling Madness Get on your stationary bike…(Assault…Aerodyne…Peloton will do) Warm-Up For 3-5 minutes…Go easy Now…unleash an all out effort sprint for 8 seconds Then… Continue reading Body Fat + Bike = You’re Gonna Hate Me

Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges

Have you ever heard “Big doors swing on small hinges” ? The idea is this. There are certain (sometimes seemingly small) efforts which when consistently implemented produce BIG results. For instance, recently one of our clients mentioned how when she started her fitness journey with us, that eliminating soda was one of those “little hinges.”… Continue reading Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges

You Gotta Lift!

It’s well-documented that weight loss is a function of energy balance; if you expend more calories than you consume, you lose weight. However, the composition of the weight lost is very important. In many diet strategies, 25% or more of weight loss comes from lean mass (primarily muscle tissue). Not only is this detrimental to… Continue reading You Gotta Lift!


Please seek medical advice before using any of the supplemental protocols mentioned below. Is your sleep Jacked-Up? Likely…yes! It is estimated that up to 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from sleep disorders. And studies have shown that 95 percent of adults require seven to nine hours of sleep per night to maintain optimal… Continue reading 1-800-My-Sleep-Sucks

Have You Tried The PIT Diet?

I get into a lot of conversations about diets and usually the conversation gets into the effectiveness of one particular diet over another with reference to weight loss. With all of the incessantly loquacious jibber jabber hype on social and other media on diets…exercise trends…etc. I can see how easy it may be for some… Continue reading Have You Tried The PIT Diet?

Cardio Or Weight Training For Weight-Loss?

It’s one of the most debated topics in fitness… In fact if you GOOGLE this question, you will find “expert” opinions on both ends of the spectrum. I’ve never been a fan of listening to these so-called experts. I like to dig a little deeper and look at the science and find research to back… Continue reading Cardio Or Weight Training For Weight-Loss?

Are You Overdoing It With Exercise/Training?

Several workouts missed because you seemingly have lost motivation to go to the gym and get in a ‘workout’. Been there…done that…so what! You my friend have likely succumbed to the world of becoming Overtrained. EVERYONE who works out…has worked out with any frequency of intensity has gone through this…will go through this…and will need… Continue reading Are You Overdoing It With Exercise/Training?

ReBound30…You Need This

A while back I asked Coach Jenn Vinges to help us develop a recovery centric program at TheLIFTGym. Because Jenn is an incredible instructor in the practice of yoga…I knew she would come through. And she has! Rebound30 is a thirty minute recovery & rejuvenation session that is designed to help you tap into a… Continue reading ReBound30…You Need This

What Is BaseCamp30 at TheLIFTGym?

We get a lot of questions about BaseCamp30. Here are a few recent ones: What is it? How can it benefit me? What’s the difference between doing that or doing a FitTribe session/class? Will I burn body fat? How much does it cost to do a BaseCamp30 class? If I took a BaseCamp30 class at… Continue reading What Is BaseCamp30 at TheLIFTGym?

What Should I Eat Before My Next Workout? (No Time)

If you are pressed for time and a meal behind for your workout, simply eat a piece of fruit about thirty minutes before your workout. Fruits contain the sugar fructose which is relatively low on the glycemic index. This is good because you will not have an insulin spike and the post hypoglycemic effect (low… Continue reading What Should I Eat Before My Next Workout? (No Time)