Better Body Composition Must Do’s

Here are a few essential things you absolutely need to keep doing with great consistency

if you want a better body…

  1. Hit the weight room→Strength training…Weightlifting…Bodybuilding…(all the same…but ‘different) but at the end of the day…you need to get the bar on your back…off the ground…overhead…squat…deadlift…press. You need to do these things and you need to know how to build out a program that makes sense and gets you results! Hire a coach or get in a group that gets after the iron. Look for strength and conditioning coaches who have worked with athletes and non-athletes and has proof that her/his program has gotten them strong, lean and basically looking like they ‘workout’
  2. Get your protein in. Dr. Brad Schoenfeld (PhD.) from Look Great Naked‘ has studied hundreds of athletes and non athletes who train hard but has found one commonality amongst them: Most do not eat enough protein to optimize their results from their training. He has also observed that women are more likely not getting in enough protein on a daily basis compared to their male counterparts. His recommendations if you want to support muscle growth-.8-1 gram of protein per day per pound of ideal bodyweight.
  3. Get in at least 10 effective working sets for each muscle group every week. Effective sets mean that at some point during each set you are going to be challenged to complete the repetition parameters set in place for that particular training session. Dr. Schoenfeld’s research has shown that 10 sets per muscle group per week is ‘the sweet spot’. More than 10 sets may be better to a degree but there is no current evidence to prove that ‘more is better’
  4. Calorie guidelines: Your goal is to lose body fat-14-15 calories per pound per day of your ‘ideal’ bodyweight. Your goal is to maintain current bodyweight-17 calories per pound of bodyweight per day. Your goal is to gain some muscle-20 calories per pound of your ‘ideal’ bodyweight →(Note: You want to put on muscle)
  5. Sleep! Just get enough of it.
  6. Patience. Put in the required effort…you will be rewarded with outstanding results.