Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges


Big Doors Swing On Small Hinges

  • by Matt Jennings
  • October 22, 2020

Have you ever heard “Big doors swing on small hinges” ?

The idea is this.

There are certain (sometimes seemingly small) efforts which when consistently implemented produce BIG results.

For instance, recently one of our clients mentioned how when she started her fitness journey with us, that eliminating soda was one of those “little hinges.”

From that single and seemingly trivial dietary change, virtually everything improved: her weight, her energy, her dental health, her sleep… and more.

And it didn’t require any real enormous change.



But nothing crazy…Just getting rid of one thing…soda…

And then sticking with the basics:

– Consistent resistance training (consistent and ‘too frequent’…not the same)

– Daily brisk walks

– Increased protein consumption

– Occasional metabolic conditioning

These are “little hinges”…the basics that swing you towards massive fitness results.

Nothing extravagant…sexy…fancy or complicated. Pretty simple things, really.

The problem quite often comes when people lose focus of the fundamentals, and get caught up in what really is a daunting and endless trap of searching for the ‘shiny and new’ in what they see and read in social media threads or newsfeeds¬†(aye yai yai), and forget to consistently implement the otherwise basic efforts that will drive very impressive progress and results.

#smallhinges + #thebasics = #massiveresults