Biggest Weight Loss Tip You Will Never Hear

Right now two-thirds (or more) of the population is focused on losing weight. That is probably good…not good that two-thirds of all of us have to lose weight to begin with…but that we are at least concerned with addressing the issue. Hey listen I am down with people taking better care of themselves via eating well, thinking well and training/exercising in a smart manner. Who knows may be all of this will make for a happier and healthier planet for all of us mere mortals. The point that I want to make here is that I just think the right mind set going into being successful with it all and for the long haul (we are talking weight loss here…right?) has not been linked well enough to our cerebral cortex (read: consciousness) to make a good run at it. So here is my quick contribution to what I believe is the missing link:

Get in your head all of the awesome things you will gain!! both during and after you lose all of that unwanted and unnecessary bodyweight.

Constantly focusing on losing weight (that fucking scale!) or ‘losing’ anything for that matter is a sure fire way of hardwiring your brain into a myopic thinking process that is both unhealthy and non-serving. And if left without audit will at some point leave you wallowing in a world of scarcity and despair and most likely right back to where you started.

We are human beings for God’s sake! Built to create, accumulate, live, love and share…Not to lose anything! Or to give up anything! Or… you get the picture. We need to focus on what there is to be gained from____and life will serve us with much reward beyond what the scale says… (that fucking scale!)