Body Fat + Bike = You’re Gonna Hate Me

Body Fat + Bike = You’re Gonna Hate Me

  • by Matt Jennings
  • November 19, 2020


Here is my  #1 go to Conditioning Method that will turn up the dial (Way Up)

on your fat incinerating furnace.

WARNING: Consult Your Physician Before You Attempt

This Bike Pedaling Madness

  1. Get on your stationary bike…(Assault…Aerodyne…Peloton will do)
  2. Warm-Up For 3-5 minutes…Go easy
  3. Now…unleash an all out effort sprint for 8 seconds
  4. Then Back off and pedal easy for 12 seconds
  5. Wash…Rinse…Repeat for 20 minutes (and not a second more ; )
  6. Do 2-3X per week for 8-12 weeks

Does This Really Work?

A study published in the Journal of Obesity showed that these short and nasty doses of pedaling cause :

  • fat loss around the abdominal area
  • A 17% reduction in visceral belly fat (visceral belly fat…bad)
  • Increase in muscle mass in the legs

Overweight men in their 20s were used for this study. They were told to not make any dietary changes. The researchers also  noted that similar effects (results) were likely for women as well along with men and women in other age groups.

Remember that these results came from subjects who were quite overweight. So a leaner person will likely not get similar results. A leaner person on same protocol with a good diet will likely just end up SHREDDED!.

Short and Nasty vs. Long and Steady

In other studies participants who steady-state cardio (jogging or light cycling) for an hour per day experienced similar results, without the increase in leg muscle mass.

The chubby guys in the short…nasty…3X week study  trained only an hour per week total (3 X 20 minute workout) instead of the hour long 7 X per week workouts.

For straight up fat loss this :8seconds of sprints followed with :12 of slow pedaling is simply B-R-U-T-A-L.

You’ve been WARNED…Be Strong