Build Muscle and Incinerate Fat With This Training Method

The German Volume Training (GVT) method, 10 sets of 10 reps (10 x 10), was introduced in the 70’s by renowned German weightlifting coach Rolf Feser. GVT was used during the German National Weightlifting Team’s off-season as a phase to help them build muscle (and burn fat).┬áThis method of training works well in a 6 week phase. The recommended loads used should be 60% of your 1 Rep Max (about a 20 rep max effort). And the focus should be on big compound movements (Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift). Most programs suggest the use of an antagonist scheme e.g. a. Squat 10 x 10 b. Seated Leg Curl 10 x 10. I do not necessarily use same.

DAY 1 (Monday):

1. Squat 10 x 10 (60% Of 1 RM)

2. Donkey Calf Drop Sets (e.g. 405# AMRAP, 315# AMRAP, 225# AMRAP, 135# AMRAP)

3. Straight Leg Sit Up (on GHD) 3 x 10-15 (Load if necessary)

Set clock for 3:00 and do repeated ‘hanging from bar’ sets (:20-:40)

DAY 2 (Wednesday):

1. Bench 10 x 10 (60% Of 1 RM)

2. KB or DB Row 5 x 6-8/6-8

3a. Triceps Cable Pushdown 3 x 8-10

3b. Biceps Barbell or Dumbbell Curl 3 x 8-10

Set clock for 3:00 and do repeated ‘hanging from bar’ sets (:20-:40)

DAY 3 (Friday):

1. Deadlift 10 x 10 (60% Of 1 RM)

2a. Double Kettlebell Shoulder Press 3 x 8-10

2b. Barbell RDL 3 x 8-10

Set clock for 3:00 and do repeated ‘hanging from bar’ sets (:20-:40)


  1. The rest between all 10 x 10 sets should be at 2:00-2:30
  2. When you do complete all 10 x 10’s on big compound movements plan to add 5-7% on bar at next scheduled workout
  3. Start with 3 training sessions per week as described. Adjust training frequency based on your capacity to recover from each workout. Remember that recovery is not isolated to muscle only. Systems involved in intense training methods include musculo-skeletal, endocrine and central nervous system. Always accommodate recovery time into your training to mitigate the potential for overtraining. i.e. as long as your loads are progressing from week to week you are likely recovering adequately.
  4. Stay focused and hungry. This type of training will push your limits but the rewards of new muscle and fat burning potential are well worth it.

P.S. Have mop ready…You will sweat!!