Cardio vs. Lifting…Which is better?

Cardio vs. Lifting…Which is better?

  • by Matt Jennings
  • March 3, 2016

Which is better?


What’s your goal?

The interesting thing is that lifting does produce a ‘cardio’ effect. You need only to get under the bar and hit a few sets of squats with your 70-75%…and ask your self- ‘How you doin’? to understand what I mean. The cardio-vascular system as well as the potential muscle building response is pretty obvious here. And that is the efficiency of lifting weights. You can improve both cardio health and your physique with this type of exercise (read…strength training). If your goal is to look like them…then lift. Because this is your goal                      

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Now let's take 'cardio'. Cardio can certainly relay benefit on the cardio vascular and respiratory systems when done in moderation. not think for a moment that you are going to develop a decent physique with this type of activity alone. Put simply it is not going to happen.  If your goal is to look better need to hit the weights...period. If your goal is to look like them...then run. Because this is your goal                                                                                    



Lastly, if you are of the belief  that cardio training (jogging, running, riding, swimming) is great for weight maybe right. The scale will most certainly show a drop in some pounds after a few body pounding road sessions around the block or those gasping for air doggy paddle swims at the Y; But it is highly likely that the weight-loss you see on that scale is a significant amount of muscle loss along with a trifle amount of fat loss. That is shitty shitty bang bang ROI for all of your effort. And your metabolism, your strength, your joint health as well as  a bunch of other undesirable 'side-effects' of excessive cardio may not have you whistling dixie when all is said and done.