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  • by Matt Jennings
  • June 17, 2020
Please seek medical advice before using any of the supplemental protocols mentioned below. Is your sleep Jacked-Up? Likely…yes! It is estimated that up to 70 million people in the U.S. suffer from sleep disorders. And studies have shown that 95 percent of adults require seven to nine hours of sleep per night to maintain optimal […]Read More >>

BCAA’s: To Supplement Or Not To Supplement

  • by Matt Jennings
  • July 25, 2018
  Assuming that you have adequate protein intake from consuming animal proteins where all the essential amino acids are available there will be 0 benefit from supplementing with Branched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Valine, Isoleucine), and that supplementing with BCCA’s may even have a deleterious effect on protein synthesis. In theory when you take in an isolated […]Read More >>

Amp Up Your Strength Training With A Dose Of This↓

  • by Matt Jennings
  • January 15, 2018
For years it has been common (and smart) practice that athletes and fitness enthusiasts have been using protein supplements after hitting the iron to optimize the benefits of a workout. Protein (and more accurately amino acids) are essential for both the recovery and remodeling/growth of muscle after an adequate strength training session. But it has […]Read More >>

Why We Need To Supplement Probiotics

  • by Matt Jennings
  • September 30, 2016
Probiotic (essential)- A type of bacteria which we require to assume both a healthy immune system and digestive system. There are few bacteria that are commonly harmful to us and many bacteria that are very healthful and actually essential for our health. If you consider someone who is healthy they likely have a significant amount […]Read More >>