Choose Your Battles

“In this corner, standing at 5’6” and weighing in (again) at a voluptuous 186#, with a record of (we have no idea) this mother of two, wife, nurse, do anything for anybody…hails from Spokane Washington, and is still ranked #1 by her family and friends. Please give it up for Mrs. Kim ‘Kimmy’ Jones!!!! (sudden and massive uproar of applause and woo-hoos from the crowd)

…And in this corner…weighing in all day…everyday…at a very svelte 9.6#, with it’s large 18.25″ x 13″ platform design and non-slip textured mat and powder-coated steel base, this high capacity bathroom scale measures up to 400 pounds and comes with a 5-year limited warranty. From the U.K. by way of FedEx…the still undefeated champion of all ‘Monday Morning Weigh-ins’…let’s hear it for Salter ‘I don’t give a damn if you gain or lose’  The Scale!!!!” (a cacophony of BOOOs…You Bum…You Suck…and a variety of colorful expletives ; ) 

The idea of my rather humorous post (I hope it’s found humorous and not offensive) is this: There is this seemingly viscious mental loop with many people who consistently find themselves at battle with the scale. They are incessantly looking for the magic detox/cleanse or hallowed new revolutionary diet (that at least one of the Kardashian’s are raving about in COSMO) and giving themselves a 5-day-a-week HIIT sweat bath beatdown with the dire intention to ‘Beat The Scale’. We humans have at times a great predisposition to focus on and get caught up in battles we can not ultimately win because of faulty methods and strategies we are convinced will in due time…work. It’s like a UFC fighter who gets in the cage with an opponent who keeps kicking her ass. At some point after she heals up after a fantastic ass-whoopin’, our courageous warrior announces that it is time to once again get back in the fight game. She goes back to her team of coaches who help her work on improving. Several months go by and she now believes she has acquired a new set of skills and strategy to finally take out her opponent. She asks for a re-match…the day of redemption arrives…the bell goes off… and she receives a deja vu cluster of jab…jab…jab…right hooks. She quickly and desperately clings back to her old ways and soon finds herself in that all too familiar rear naked choke and once again…lights out.

rear naked choke

The wrong battles we choose will continue to be…well…battles. At some point we need to recognize the very fundamentals of what is what…and why do that?

About 8 times a year my team and I take groups of awesome people into our 6 week challenges where we educate them using our unadulterated ideas and uses of food and exercise. These groups of people who are from really all walks have all fought the good fight and have battled with the insidiousness of weight gain and many times along with a sequelae of health issues. During our initial meeting with them I describe the distinction of the whats, wheres and whens of weight-loss and relevant matters. We quickly sum it up as this: “It is in the gym that we train (practice) to become strong and to build some muscle. It is in the kitchen that we practice control of our ideal bodyweight”  or succinctly stated if you will… “You Get Strong In The Gym…You Lose Fat In The Kitchen”

I believe that once you buy into the mantra (above) your battle with the scale will finally be won and done!

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