Don’t Workout…Till You Read This


Don’t Workout…Till You Read This

  • by Matt Jennings
  • November 26, 2019

Probably the most common error and biggest reason anyone might get injured in the

gym is because they grind through a set of fatiguing exercise and at the same

time…lose control of how their body is ‘performing’ the exercise.

Maintaining your neutral posture during every rep of every exercise is more important than

pushing through high-repetition sets or following the workout of the day from the white board.


This advice goes for everything you do in a workout.

From push-ups to pull-ups…

squats to get ups…

swings to over head presses…

rows to runs…

Be smart…Stay healthy…and Stop an exercise before it gets sloppy.

Next time you hit the gym…

Pay heed to this great quote from my friend, Alwyn Cosgrove:

More Is Not Better…Better Is Better”