What Should I Eat Before My Next Workout? (No Time)

If you are pressed for time and a meal behind for your workout, simply eat a piece of fruit about thirty minutes before your workout. Fruits contain the sugar fructose which is relatively low on the glycemic index. This is good because you will not have an insulin spike and the post hypoglycemic effect (low blood sugar) that usually brings on lightheadedness and unnecessary fatigue (bonking). Fruits are a valuable source of fuel during exercise that can improve your capacity to train.

Bonus Tip: Ideally, the piece of fruit should be combined with a whey protein drink (biPro). biPro Whey Protein is a “fast acting” protein that is rapidly absorbed into circulation. This speeds up the intake of amino acids that your muscles rely on without having a negative impact on your digestion. Pre-Workout: Women should consume approximately 20 grams of whey protein powder mixed in cool water. Men…40 grams.