Every Time I Eat Brown Rice My Stomach Gets All Jacked Up…What’s Up With That??

Brown rice, although tasty with succulent hints of nutty aroma and sweetness, contains these crazy little compounds called lectins. Lectins are considered in some nutrition circles as anti-nutrients. And these ‘anti-nutrients’ can disrupt small intestinal metabolism and damage small intestinal villi via the ability of lectins to bind with brush border surfaces in the distal part of small intestine. So if you see a pattern of stomach bloating, stomach ache, achy joints or sleepiness after eating a bowl of brown rice…then you may be better off opting for the white stuff instead. No worries though. White rice is just straight up long chain glucose (starch) without all the other stuff that is gonna jack up your gut. Just eat the white rice post training so you are repleting the muscle with some well deserved glycogen and not feeding the ‘fat’


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