Expect Victory

At the 2009 Indoor Track and Field World Championships Jamaica’s Usain Bolt completely destroyed the entire field of the best 100m and 200m men’s sprinters at that time. It was interesting that just before the start of each race Bolt had a smile on his face and an ease in his manner. Everyone else in the field seemed to be loaded up with mental junk: all stressed out, uncertain…The commentators were suggesting that Bolt was the favorite to win the 100 and 200 but they did not expect him to go out and break his own world records. Yet it was that smile and ease on his face that suggested something else. Something that he understood and many simply did not. And that is this…In life there are those who live in expectation to accomplish greatness in whatever they choose to do. They will astonish and amaze us…build hope for us all to be better than we are now…and prove that greatness in humanity is held by a high standard…and that in life there are no limits yet known for mankind.

While we’re here we may as well give our best to do great things. Mediocrity is not what is intended for any of us. BE GREAT!