In his recent book ‘FAT FOR FUEL’

fat for fuel

Dr. Joseph Mercola discusses how both science and time have proven unequivocally that the low fat, high sugar (grain, starches…carbohydrate), highly processed foods…(basically what is described today as the Standard American Diet) has claimed the health of our population and set up a myriad of  metabolic disorders that has ultimately lead to abysmal circumstances for so many. We know today that 232,000,000+ out of 343,000,000+  of our U.S. citizens (read: moms, dads, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grandma, pop pop, neighbors, friends…) are considered overweight or obese. So that in itself seems fairly telling of how things are in fact going on the health and wellness front. It is also estimated that over 25% of our population has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes or pre-diabetes. Our health care system is said to go bankrupt by 2030 (less than 13 years from today) just through treating the current and imminent increase in type II diabetes cases. This is literally a shit storm just warming up. And the punch in the gut is that it is now your problem and my problem to be vigilant enough to figure out how to evade the storm. It’s actually fairly simple (not easy) to do though. The shift to great health comes in a heading that seems diametrically conflicting with what has been shoved down our throats (literally) for almost four decades now. And what has been pushed on us as the way to create health and longevity? That bitch right down there…

USDA food pyramid

What happens when you climb a pyramid and find out that it was the wrong pyramid?

I mean…on the bottom of that pyramid is a fucking bagel…a fa-king bagel! So from staring down this pyramid I would gather that it is fair to say that according to the suggested recommendations from our government, aka United States Department of Agriculture, it is perfectly fine and dandy that you and I consume upwards of 11 bagels per day? Doesn’t that seem just a tad bit fucked up when you look at it this way? Sorry if I offended you with the f-bombs… but holy fuck…11 bagels! Shit…let’s just cut through the chase and give me a baker’s dozen. Because bagels… are fucking delicious.

But I digress. Dr. Mercola has some incredible information in ‘Fat For Fuel’. Information that again is quite paradoxical because of an inflicted brain washing of some misguided and possibly ignorant (I would hate to think conspiring…my dad did always say that I think too much ; ) teachings of the RDA and said entities. Oh yeah…a site that you may find pretty interesting with tons of good research and explanation of how our metabolism actually stays healthy and thrives is just a CLICK right here