Gate Keeper

Every seven weeks I give several (up to 14…) orientations for prospects

looking to get into our 6 week body transformation challenge. Sometime during that orientation

I promulgate my ideas about training and nutrition.

Here’s one…

‘You Get Strong In The Gym…You Lose Fat In The Kitchen’

This is likely the best and most honest piece of advice I can give to anyone looking

to make improvements in body composition.

This remarkably wise piece of advice ; ) is a direct refutation to the ‘burn 600-1,200

calories in only one hour’ often seen on the beguiling roadside billboards of notorious gym franchise(s).

Let’s just call these aforementioned claims of burning copious amounts of calories through exercise

as de-bunked & BULLSHIT, shall we and i.e. You can never and will never burn nearly the amount

of calories that you may think you can or will during ANY training session no matter who or what claims the contrary.

Even if you could…who the fuck cares. Calories? Really? We train to burn calories?

I can jack you up with 400 kcals with just 2 scoops of peanut butter in under :30! Calories?…Please…

Alright…let’s move on…shall we ; )

Years ago I was a trainer in NYC. 95% of my clients were high profile in the fashion industry.

Just to make things clear I did not take on anyone as a client unless they read either one of these

two books from front to back covers:

‘Atkins Diet Revolution’ OR ‘Protein Power’

They had a week to read one or the other. And Yes…I did quiz them. They then had

that very next week to interpret and then implement the diet.

Only after all that hoop jumping would I agree to take them on as my training client.

In truth I wanted only ‘must have goal mind-set’ type clients on my roster.

For the record I vehemently abhorred the very idea of relegating my intentions as a coach/trainer

to become a babysitting-repcounting-psychotherapist-just for the money-trainer-prick.

And the point here? That was the extent of discussion in nutrition with my clients. They had to KNOW

some level of ‘something’ about nutrition and the effects of nutrition as related to the results

they could expect from working with me.

And wouldn’t you know…all of my clients…ALL OF MY CLIENTS ended up having a

pretty kick ass physique when all was said and done.

Now today, some 25 years later, I no longer request (read: mandate) that any of our clients follow any

diet, nutrition program, etc. UNLESS they are in our body transformation challenge.

I do have what I believe is some simple advice though, that has for as far as I know,

NOT been refuted at any level when followed.

This simple advice comes in the form of some simple guiding questions that we follow here in the Jennings’

household while shopping for our food:

(Scene: Grocery store checkout…Take One)

What’s in the cart?

What’s going onto that check-out conveyor belt?

Going Into those bags?

Going into my car?

Going into my home?

Is it food that will nourish my body? My wife Kathy’s body? Our three boys’ (Matt, Luke, Christian) bodies?

Would I feed what I bring into our home to our dog (Roxy)?

Pretty simple.

The food that I choose to bring into my home will either poison myself and my family or it

will simply provide nourishment and outstanding health for my family. This shit about nutrition is that simple.

And I shit you not…this is what Kathy and I do religiously yet without much thought really, EVERY SINGLE TIME we go food

shopping. I am an adult. I am a role model for my children. I act as an adult…I eat as an adult should eat…

and I do take on the responsibility as the GATEKEEPER of what exactly comes into my home so that my family

thrives. Simple.