Has ‘O’ and Weight Watchers Cracked The Code On Obesity And Disease?

I wrote this as a draft back in November, 2015. After Oprah’s infamously dumb ass ‘I love bread….I eat bread…every single day’ tweet this past week I felt compelled to publish this post without even looking at a re-edit. Thank you Oprah for the tweet…You have succinctly made my point described in this post.

A nutrition program can not afford to have a flaw. And Weight Watcher’s…has a massive one. On there ‘What Can I Eat?’ page they have a picture of a chocolate chip cookie on the left and a green apple on the right. Under the cookie reads 2 points. Under the apple reads 0 points. So, admittedly WW’s exposes their most egregious flaw right under our nose. If you choose the cookie over the apple…that’s cool…BUT you get 2 points (demerit points if you will) against the rest of your day’s meals. If you made the better choice, in this case the apple, you would have received no points…no demerits. Admitting out in the open, right on their website, that a cookie or a ‘serving’ of french fries…is certainly on the menu but you will receive a double check in the wrong answer box is missing the point of teaching the fundamentals of nutrition to a population who maybe does not understand good nutrition and is counting on someone, in this case an organization, to …”please show me how”. Weight Watchers’ “You Can Eat What You Want Menu’ with out question categorizes them as being irresponsible and with irrefutable evidence that they seemingly do not understand or see the value of dispensing what sound nutrition factually is. If cookies, fries, ice cream and pizza were not on the menu then portion control (which seems to be their calling card for the program) would not be such a hot topic or absolutely necessary. Good nutrition at it’s essence is not debatable. But trying to regulate a sleeve of cookies to someone who has an overweight issue and an addiction to Oreo’s is quite suspect. This concept of points and portions will very likely lead to this scenario…over and over and over again: “I will take my 27 points and have a couple pancakes for breakfast, grilled cheese and tomato soup for lunch, a plate of fries for snack, a chicken breast with a side of quinoa and plantain for dinner and then for dessert…Hmmm…I have 4 points left…oh goodie…gimme that cookie” …and I can almost hear it now- “I swear I will try to stop at two…” I give kudos to WWs short term ideals to weight loss.  But as a long term, sustainable nutrition solution for real health and well being…? Hmm… . Has WW marketing staff cracked the code to a growing market of complacency and their possible lapse in critical thinking? As far as WWs approach as a long term nutrition solution that will serve us in health and wellbeing for the rest of our lives? You answer that.  ‘O’ may be a great case study for the long term efficacy of WW ; )

In case you have not seen the ‘I love bread’ commercial…here it is
BTW…It seems that the population at large is getting smart about nutrition and the stuff ‘beyond the scale’. Weight Watcher’s stock has crashed shortly after this commercial aired