Hey Man…I’m All Or Nothing!…Really?

People who say this (and I know quite a few), end up like this:

In a majority of the time stupor not moving off the couch much.

Their body banged up so much that they can’t move well enough to get much done.

All or Nothing is a notion for the twenty something at best.

If twenty something is not you then you need to be reasonable most of the time.

When it comes to exercise (training), nutrition (eating)…follow this piece of experienced advice:

You put your time in at the gym…excellent! Don’t be a muscle head, knucklehead.

Be smart and lose the young spartan ego.

You ain’t out performing your youth…so stop the angst.

And when it comes to nutrition…you are likely not a monk…(I’m guessin’)

So don’t be monk-like.

Eat well enough most of the time (read: foods that nourish you) so that you do maintain your relative ‘fighting weight’

so that you are never too far behind to the point where you crash and burn. Capisci?