Hey Pencil Neck?…(Yeah You!)


Hey Pencil Neck?…(Yeah You!)

  • by Matt Jennings
  • July 7, 2016

Some people ask why bother with direct traps training…?

Well here’s five reasons right off the top of my noggin’:

Strong and well developed traps lends to general strength around neck.

Strong and well developed traps can eliminate chronic neck aches and pains.

Strong and well developed traps can help improve overhead pressing patterns.

Strong and well developed traps set up for a beefy place to hold heavy bar back squats.

Strong and well developed traps look fucking cool!!! (Fact: being called a ‘pencil neck’ is not fucking cool)

For some traps are a stubborn body part (Kinda like calves)…

Here is a simple program that will get you yoked outta’ yo mind in no time:

Barbell and plates photo

  •  Load Bar On Rack Safety (Knee height)
  • In this example 2 x 45# (1 wheel each side) 10 x 25# (5 on each side)
  • That’s 385# on bar…get straps out…you’re gonna be here for a while (get partners to pull plates for drop sets)
  • Your goal is 50 reps starting with 385# (all reps are strict with top end range ‘near ears’ and ‘hang off’ traps in bottom end)
  •  a. 385# x AMRAP b. 335# x AMRAP c. 285# x AMRAP d. 235# x AMRAP e. 185# x AMRAP f. 135# get whatever reps left to get to 50 total.
  • That’s a bit over 8 reps average per drop…
  • BONUS…when you get to 135# set forget about 50…just go balls out and get yoked.