How Much Is This Gonna’ Cost Me?

Why do I still do a head shake when someone comes to us for nutrition advice…training…weight loss counseling…health issues… and really just straight up help. And at the same time are so freakin’ concerned with How much our help and coaching is going to ‘cost’ them. Many people who we meet at either one of our transformation challenge orientations or come to one of our gyms for a consult are in deep poo poo (many I believe do not realize how deep) and I have to be quite frank and say right here… doesn’t extending  a miserable and unhealthy life-style or situation carry with it a huge price tag? I can not fathom for the life of me how such a shitty mindset has assumed such resounding  play in the heads of… well…the majority of the population at large (Statistics say 70% of US pop is overweight or obese).  When I meet with people who seemingly want our help and are dealing with the ‘stuff’ borne of poor choices… My question is always ‘Man…sounds like you’ve been ‘suffering’ for a long time…How much longer can you put up with all this misery?’ Hey…Let me take liberty here and spit out something maybe worth a copy and paste… and post it somewhere: Disease is f#ck!n expen$ive…  Shouldn’t health…good health…be something worthwhile investing in?  Am I missing something here?…please set me straight if I sound like some kind of righteous a-hole. Comments are welcome