Is 6 Meals Per Day The Way To Go?


As I recall much of bodybuilding nutrition has always maintained a 5-6 meal per day eating frenzy to stay lean and build muscle. This is somewhat important to understand because if you go to the gym (and hopefully train while you are there) you probably ascribe to this same nutrition plan that has it’s roots deep in bodybuilding tradition. Now 5-6 relatively smaller meals spread throughout the day may seem sensible (small meals stoke the metabolic fire while feeding muscle)…but consider that eating basically every 2 hours or so through out the day and everyday maintains a relatively high insulin hit that never really recovers. The problem with this is that cells may become resistant (down regulated) to the ideally anabolic producing effect of insulin…pulling glucose/aminos into muscle cells (awesome) and instead diverting them into adipose tissue…aka fat (not-awesome). So how do we get around this particular nutrition conundrum to work in our favor of building a body of magnificence? Here is one hack to help make nutrition work for your goal(s): Consider eating 3 or maybe 4 meals a day instead of 6. Have a large breakfast containing protein, healthful fats and carbohydrates (steamed vegetable or a piece of fruit). Same goes for lunch. Mid-afternoon have a serving of a grass-fed sourced whey protein powder.  And for dinner…protein with healthful fats and steamed vegetable or salad.

On workout days you will basically follow the same 4 meals plan with the addition of a starch at both lunch and dinner.