In my world…in our business…with our clients…in our gyms…THIS is what show up means:

You will show up by making consistency your ‘power play’…You will show up by getting your ass to the gym a non-negotiable…You will show up to the gym with the intention of supporting your team to become stronger…and you expect the same support in return…THE LIFT TRIBE! You will show up by showing respect for your tribe, the program, the process, the brand, the gym, yourself and the community we have painstakingly nurtured and supported. You will show up by doing your part to give your best both inside the gym and outside the gym. You will show up by respecting your mind and body with nourishing thoughts, foods and drink that will build you up and not break you down. You will show up by supporting the greatness you see in others. You will show up with your own greatness because it is that important that you refuse to squander a God given gift…In fact this is your responsibility. If we do not serve with a sense of sensibility, responsibility and respect for our brothers and sisters and mankind in mind…we will have not served anyone but rather stole time on this earth.