It is a widely held opinion in the training/exercise world that after a training session one needs to take advantage of the timing to intake both carbohydrate and protein for optimal recovery/repair/growth. This belief though is myopic and not necessarily the case. All depends on what your goals are and what you have ‘trained’ your metabolism to do. If you want to access body fat to both fuel your training and your recovery you certainly can. All of us have tens of thousands of calories on board by way of our fat stores. Most of us simply can’t access them. In the case of which fuel do you want to access and burn you have to ask yourself if you want to access your glycogen tank? Well you have access to that always but it is in very limiting amount. Or do you want to access your fat tank? Here’s the truth of metabolism: The only way to access your fat stores as to provide the fuel necessary to perform exercise is to become fully adapted to a low-carbohydrate diet. That is the key and there is no way around it. This is a challenging concept to convince people of especially since for decades we have been bombarded with the message that it was the other way around. Here is part of a presentation that Dr. Jeff Volek, a renowned expert on low carbohydrate/ketogenic nutrition, ¬†gave back in 2012 that pinpoints some of these concepts.


And here is my post training nutrition shake recipe I call keto-grow

1 cup coconut milk

1.5 scoops chocolate whey protein powder

2 tables cold pressed un-refined coconut oil

3 tsp raw cacao nibs

8 ice cubes


Honesty: I just eye balled all ingredients for this recipe. I stopped being neurotic about ‘exact’ most things after I left the competitive bodybuilding world some 30 years ago.

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