No Run ‘Cardio’


No Run ‘Cardio’

  • by Matt Jennings
  • April 25, 2018

Think ‘cardio’ is just running…elliptical…stationary bike…etc.?

You have options. It’s just important to understand that any activity you do

is cardio. In other words if your heart is still working and pumping blood…

you’re doing cardio.

Also, cardio in a workout setting, i.e. gym, is interchangeable with aerobic or endurance training.

Keeping your heart rate under anaerobic threshold is where you want to be to accumulate the

value of aerobic conditions: mitochondrial density, capillary density, lower blood pressure to name

but a few. Finally…and I know I’m gonna’ break some hearts here…but…

Cardio is not so beneficial for weight-loss/fat-loss and has been shown so as insignificant

in the literature (research). Weight-loss/fat-loss is an eating thing.

Below is just another way to accomplish aerobic work.

Keep aerobic work simple and more importantly…do what you enjoy.