Protein Before Bed Time For A Shapely Body

We know that post strength training is one of the most optimal times to take in adequate amounts of protein to help repair and build muscle tissue. There have also been many recent studies linking protein ingestion right before bed time to increased muscle protein synthesis, hypertrophy as well as increases in strength as compared to control groups. Here is a link to one of those studies .

In the study mentioned a couple interesting points were made. One being that this pre-bed time protein intake stimulated muscle protein synthesis (MPS) in both young and older test subjects (i.e. both genders). Also, it was found that protein intake of 40 grams (e.g. whey protein with a relatively high amount of leucine) caused this stimulus. Yet 30 grams of the same did not have similar effect.


Trommelen, J., & van Loon, L. J. (2016). Pre-Sleep Protein Ingestion to Improve the Skeletal Muscle Adaptive Response to Exercise Training. Nutrients, 8(12), 763.