Strength Training Is For Fat-Loss

The evidence that strength training should be the primary focus of all things worthy of a woman’s time invested in the gym is plentiful. For example, to lose body fat and maintain or gain muscle there is nothing that a woman can do that will give her a bigger bang for her time and energy than spending some of it with the iron.

Nutrition is of course an essential ‘switch’ for improving body composition by accelerating fat loss and firming up all things awesome and shapely…but there is more reason than that to get comfy with strength training:

1. It builds muscle. More muscle will help you burn more energy on a daily basis.

2. Stronger muscles mean more mobility in every day life, which increases your energy expenditure.

3. It breeds self-confidence and psychological strength. We see this with our female clients all the time. Nothing better than watching a woman discover how strong she actually is.

4. You will see more progress in the short-term and long-term when compared to doing ‘boot camp style’ training methods.

5. It’s safer and easier to gauge recovery abilities, which will help you in a lot of different areas of life.

6. With the above 5 factors in place, it’s easier to create consistency and enjoyment as actual progress is made.

7. Muscular strength, power and endurance are all very important for every day activities and increasing the enjoyment of other activities (i.e., playing with the kids, recreational sports and other social activities).

8. It’s a phenomenal way of being social and releasing stress.

9. You’ll continue to burn more energy during a significant amount of time after the strength training session ends compared to that of running, cycling and other forms of cardio.

10. Finally…what woman wouldn’t want more muscle on her frame to enhance all of those sexy curves?

Oh yeah…women should know that strength training will not get her ‘big and bulky’.

What will happen is this:

You will tone up the areas you want, get more confident, release a lot of stress and get a lot stronger!

PS… This doesn’t mean that cardio isn’t important and shouldn’t be a part of your ‘complete body plan’ of attack. It is just reason why you need to understand the value of getting stronger.