Swimming Is Awesome…Why?


Have neighbor with a pool? Cheap

Live near a lake, the Atlantic or Pacific? Cheap

You know someone who has a Black Card at The Borgata (Great Swimming Pool) and gives you one of their 2 days/1 night comps? Priceless!


Get in pool and start doing laps. Breast stroke…freestyle…’doggy paddle’…pretty tough just to stay buoyant let alone accumulate any significant number of laps the first few times you get in the pool. No worries… Just get in and stay afloat for 15 to 20 minutes without taking a breather in the shallow end or clamoring for the sides. Might want a boogie board or other floatation device just in case your arms and shoulders fry on you. Eventually you can work your way up to a half mile + in under 20 minutes (Hey…it’s a goal…) And that is a pretty intense little full-body training session that will  test your ‘wind’ (you will be sucking it) and your ability to deal with a constant low dose level of lactic acid without giving your joints a beat down. Just swim more often and you will see an improvement in both aforementioned.



Really good. It is one of the very few exercises that both extends and contracts your muscles (rock climbing and cycling are two others) without the eccentric overloading (lengthening portion of a muscle under load). It’s low impact AND you won’t get shin splints, cranky knees/cranky lower back, or road rash when you trip over your shoe laces. Also, great for athletes who need to stay conditioned and make a weight class but can’t afford to add any more muscle onto their frame. (i.e. Swimming will not build muscle)



Relatively speaking. You could drown…but really…play it safe and have a swimming partner with you at all times. The definite safe part is that as long as you are in a pool or lake or any body of water you will never be in a swerving contest with a 10-ton truck or make an unfortunate wrong turn into a street riot. Swim with a responsible person…stay sober (never understood pool side bars…that’s just me) and keep the diving board…a camera…and your YouTube channel out of it and the likelihood of anything going wrong is practically nil.