The Whys Mentor

There is this ideal out there that suggests that we should understand or know our ‘why’.

Why we get up out of bed every morning…

Why we do what we choose to do everyday…

The why or the purpose of why we even exist…

and why anyone should care…?

Here’s my why:

I believe that being strong and healthful are responsibilities that should be respected, practiced and enjoyed.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share with my three sons…our neighbors…our friends and family…

our tribe at The Lift Gym, the principles of strength and health…as the benefits of being strong and healthful are innumerable.

And to act as mentor on behalf of strength & health is a responsibility I take on with gratitude and pride.

Because strength & health have ostensibly become the lost arts of sort…and I could not be more grateful for the

everyday opportunity to bring both back to life.

I believe my dad (a.k.a. ‘Rog’) passed the torch the moment he took his eight year old

skinny, little runt of a son by the hand and introduced him  to ‘The Iron’

44 Years Later…Thank you Dad!