A wife and a mother of three amazing children; “my family is everything to me”. She is a Certified Family Law Paralegal for a law firm…but her love and passion is in fitness.

Having a lifelong love for fitness has brought her to the awesome opportunity and responsibility to coach others. Christine has trained under Matt Jennings and has developed the tools to effectively teach, inspire and motivate her team using structure and encouragement while promoting and implementing that need of sacrificing comfort levels to achieve optimal results.
Growing up, Christine’s father was her biggest influence training her in their modest home’s garage gym where he taught her discipline and commitment to fitness. He helped instill in her that ‘health and well-being are at the foundation of everything we do’. As an adult Christine has remained consistent with that love and enthusiasm for fitness. Today she enjoys various areas of fitness and sports including: weight training, running, judo and jiu-jitsu. She competes in events such as the Half Marathon, Spring Lake 5, Turkey Trot, Tough Mudder Races, Warrior Challenge and Strongman. It is with this great passion and love for fitness that she will continue to encourage others to reach their own fitness goals! “Movement is change…Change is life…Movement Changes Life.”