Have You Tried The PIT Diet?


Have You Tried The PIT Diet?

  • by Matt Jennings
  • February 13, 2020
I get into a lot of conversations about diets and usually the conversation gets into the effectiveness
of one particular diet over another with reference to weight loss.
With all of the incessantly loquacious jibber jabber hype on social and other media on diets…exercise trends…etc.
I can see how easy it may be for some to get side tracked and chase the ‘shiny new stuff’
Without getting into the weeds about the particulars of any specific diet trend and it’s relationship to weight loss,
there is only 1 absolute thing you need understand about the law of weight loss:

‘When your caloric intake is in a caloric deficit (calories are below your daily maintenance==> Basal Metabolic Rate + Any activity you perform throughout the day)…You Will Lose Weight!’

Now…of what composition that weight loss will be is another discussion.
The getting into the weeds stuff.
As far as what diet you choose?
I tend to go with the ‘what will bring optimal health to your body’…
Then go from there.

A sarcastic side note:

A Pizza, Ice cream, Twinky diet… IS a Diet.
And if the calories from such a diet are below your daily maintenance calories…You WILL Lose weight.
On the other hand…Your health on a PIT Diet…?
I don’t know.
You tell me 😉