Weekend Bingers…Weekday Workouts…


FULL DISCLOSURE: I enjoy tequila…preferably Tenoch Reposado and Don Julio 1942. Both are VERY expensive 100% agave that I will purposefully sip…and never ‘pour’.


I have so many friends who believe that you can workout with some consistency, enjoy your weekend partying with friends and still enjoy some level of long term health.

My contention for years is that line of thinking could not be any more diametrically wrong. In fact…knowing how devastating alcohol consumption and it’s rendering metabolism is on ALL the body systems, I would suggest to discontinue ANY exercise that causes a stress response. Now a stress response is what puts potential benefits at a cellular level in play. And it is why we normally put great effort into our exercise program. But just from a metabolic standpoint the ensuing ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) overload from both are much too overwhelming for the body to deal with over time. So before you head out for a bar binger this weekend take a shot and chaser of this