What Is BaseCamp30 at TheLIFTGym?

We get a lot of questions about BaseCamp30.
Here are a few recent ones:
Well…without me beating the bejesus out of this allow me to start by saying this: Once you consider exercise…any exercise…as a primary way for fat loss or weight loss…then the very point of exercise gets discombobulating and misrepresented…Horribly so.
(off my chest…let’s move on shall we 😁)
BaseCamp30 is a 30 minute aerobic workout. The purpose of the class is to use exercise as a stimulus to improve your aerobic system (the energy system that uses oxygen to burn sugars and fats to fuel ‘work’ )
By maintaining a very moderate heart rate throughout the 30 minutes of exercise you literally build the two main components within your muscle cells (read: increase in numbers/density) that are responsible in developing a more efficient and effective overall aerobic system.
These two components are the capillaries and the mitochondria. When you improve the values of both capillaries and the mitochondria you will find that your recovery between sets during the more strenuous exercise you may do is improved (no more getting ‘gassed’), as well as improved recovery between all workouts.
The key to improving your aerobic system though is through staying at or under an optimal heart rate during the exercise. To find your optimal heart rate (BPM) for this purpose we use the Maffetone Formula which is 180-Age=Max Aerobic Training Heart Rate.
For example, if you are 46 years old: 180-46=134 BPM. Using this example this person should not go beyond 134 BPM (Beats Per Minute) when trying to improve their aerobic system. If they do the adaptations they are trying to improve upon will be insignificant.
The important thing to remember here is that if you want to have the potential to eventually go harder…faster…and for longer stretches of time…You need to first build the base (aerobic system) with a program like BaseCamp30.
Note: BaseCamp30 is included in all of our membership packages at TheLIFTGym