Why I Will Continue To Train

This post was from my SHIFT XTR blog-February 10th, 2009

Until I sat down and specifically thought of why I continue to train, the thought never really crossed my mind. I have been training for sports, the stage, the platform, health, sanity, ego, enjoyment, pain, drug habit (endorphines/pseudomorphine -a good training session releases them), function…since I was 12 years old. I am 43 now and I have never been in better shape. NEVER. I am a quick, strong (I “play” with 500+lbs. deadlifts) full of energy 5′11″ 168 lbs.regular guy with maybe 8% bodyfat. I am  almost pain free…but really should be crippled. Doctors who know me and my backround prognosticated that I would be somewhat crippled by the time I reached 40. Well, anyone who knows me well enough knows that I often tend to not listen to the advice of my doctors. To this day I believe that If I did, I WOULD be crippled.

The fact that I have trained and followed good nutrition practice for so many years has proven to be the likely savior of a body that has seen it’s share of mishaps and misfortune. Here, I share what my body has been through in an attempt to inspire anyone who has experienced injury (maybe serious) to know that your body is miraculously resilient.

(This list is not necessarily in order of importance. It is more in a chronological order)

1. Scoliosis (30+ years ago doctors thought and told my parents “don’t worry…he will ‘grow out’ of it”

2. Concussion (long fall from high places will get you every time)

3. Broken talocalcaneal joint (motocross)

4. Broken metacarpal (I hit something too hard…too hard)

5. Broken left tibia (Wrestling-Districts)

6.Broken pelvis, internal injuries, 1-3 degree road rash to about 20% of my body (If you play contact sports with cars…you will likely lose)

7. Broken collar bone (Someone landed a cheap elbow shot to my clavicle while playing soccer)

8. Broken neck, broken sternum, broken cheek bone, serious heart injury from impact to steering wheel. NO SEATBELT…NOT SMART.USE YOUR SEAT BELT!

9. Compound fracture right tibia, fibula. You know the gruesome injury you see when bone and muscle bust through the skin?…Yeah, that freaky injury. COMPOUND FRACTURE=COMPOUND PAIN! 1988 Motocross Race Of Champions, Englishtown. (Motocross seems to pop up quite a bit on this list)

10.Broken right hip. Motocross

11. Broken left hip, 2 very deep lacerations (wait, I think I see some radius…ulna and some forearm muscle…deep lacerations) + Can you say staphylococcus? How about FUNKY, UNCONTROLLABLE staph infection? (Mountain Bike CRASH!!! Funny… “CRASH” was one of the nicknames my dad gave me years ago. Why? I do not know ; )

12. Concussion. Skate board accident.

13. I love my wife and our 3 boys. I will not be crippled. I will always be strong, alive and an inspirational role model for our children. I love my life and I love what I do. My team and I help people get strong, get healthy, stay strong, stay healthy… and it don’t get much better than that.  

So please share a bit of your life. It may inspire others to get back up and get back after it.