‘Working Out’ Is Useless For Weight Loss?

I know so many of us are under the impression that exercise is crucial for weight loss via ‘burning calories’ or based on the principles of thermodynamics. Not quite the description as thermodynamics per say but the decades old postulate of calories in – calories out to create an energy (calorie) deficit=weight loss could not be more inaccurate…i.e. diametrically wrong.  Why? Because within individuals are variables that can not be considered with any great consistencies…unlike what can be evaluated in a lab using a bomb calorimeter. A bomb calorimeter is a type of constant-volume calorimeter used in measuring the heat of combustion of a particular reaction. Great for measuring heat exchange for say a gram of glucose or other macro. But there are many more influences in a body… relative health of one’s mitochondria for example is one that will have a significant influence on the end result of that reaction…again because in a body nothing is ‘constant’. That being said…below is a decent video describing some contention related to the flaws and misunderstanding of exercise for weight loss.

I have always felt comfortable as describing exercise or use of the gym as activity or where you go to practice strength and conditioning modalities to acquire strength, build some muscle, bone density and enhance the integrity of the body. Then…go out and test what you’ve ‘practiced’ in the gym in real life and assess the usefulness of that practice. Or what our coaches like to say : “Get Strong In The Gym…Lose Fat In The Kitchen…Then Enjoy Whatever It Is That You Train For…”