Your Goal In The Bullseye

Being a coach for over 25 years now has taught me much about others and certainly much about myself. What I do is help people, some who have significant challenges to overcome, reach a ‘physical’ goal. The most important thing I have found in staying on point while working through the ups and downs of attaining a meaningful accomplishment is being excruciatingly focused on EXACTLY what your goal is and EXACTLY what you have set in place to get to that goal. More specifically…If you want to get stronger…What specific movement or exercise do you want to get stronger? Pull-Ups maybe…? Ok…How many can you do today? How Many do you need to do? (EXACT NUMBER HERE) What date have you set to reach that number of pull-ups? (EXACT DAY/MONTH/YEAR/TIME) And finally…What have you specifically set in place in both your training program as well as in your nutrition plan to help bring you to your coveted holy grail? That last idea is crucial AMF if you are that serious about reaching new heights in your performance. And all of these same ideas are exactly what needs to be teased-out regardless of any thing you set out to conquer. i.e. financial, career, health…etc. ANY meaningful goal…meaning ‘can change your life’ goal, does not and will not come easy. You will pay a price. You will get kicked in the ‘nutts’…you will get VERY uncomfortable…and you will at times have to just figure shit out. That’s all good stuff because it is the necessary stuff that needs to be done. Most never achieve that much of anything because they quit too damn easy or maybe too damn early before even getting out of the gate. But that is not you! Be non-negotiable about your goal. Be relentless about your goal. And define yourself by ‘Whatever The F#ck It Takes’. KEEP THE GOAL THE GOAL.