Reason For RECOVERY WEEKS 1. Training Should Be Stressor Enough To Cause A Response. 2. The Body Consistently Adapts To Progressive Stress From Exercise By: Developing Neural Network That Innervates The Muscular System; Commissioning The Neuro-Endocrine System To Signal And Support The Necessary Hormones To Activate And Help Process Neuromuscular Adaptation; Initiating Immuno-lymphatic system to… Continue reading Train…Eat…Sleep…RECOVER→RESULTS→REPEAT

Why I Will Continue To Train

This post was from my SHIFT XTR blog-February 10th, 2009 Until I sat down and specifically thought of why I continue to train, the thought never really crossed my mind. I have been training for sports, the stage, the platform, health, sanity, ego, enjoyment, pain, drug habit (endorphines/pseudomorphine -a good training session releases them), function…since I… Continue reading Why I Will Continue To Train