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    January 21, 2019

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Why Us?

We are focused on our clients getting outstanding results. Along with our exclusive program design and coaching, we provide all of our clients with a proprietary nutrition program and continuously updated nutrition/training tips and information that helps them achieve world-class results.

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We offer three different programs at THE LIFT. Choose the one that best fits your needs and goals.


Blast Fat With A Buddy Challenge


Our Coaches

Our coaches come from very diverse backgrounds in the health, fitness and wellness industries. However, all of them come from within our program and understand our philosophy, expectations and standards better than anyone.

  • I am floored! 22.5 pounds down in just 6 weeks. I can't believe it!!
    Thanks Matt, Kathy, and the rest of the tribe for your inspiration and support!!

    Kelly BoehningCHALLENGE, 6 Weeks
  • SMASHED IT!! Final tally…down 24 lbs! The weight loss isn't even the real blessing…
    the difference in the way I feel is tremendous. Thank you!

    John BarrettCHALLENGE, 6 Weeks
  • Goodbye 20.8 lbs! You were fun at one point but now I realize how unhealthy you were to me.
    Thank you Kathy and Matt Jennings for a program that has transformed me

    Donna Fitzgerald PetagnoCHALLENGE, 6 Weeks
  • I went into this challenge overweight, pre-diabetic, unhealthy, tired and out of shape. I am not a really big guy weighing in at 187, but because of the whole teams support and dedication I lost 23.5 pounds and I have never felt better. My "beer" belly is gone, my energy levels are up, I am not napping any more, and my sugar consumption is well under control. Thank good ness this all happened when we had a large snow storm so I could really put to test my stamina. Usually when shoveling snow, I tap out after 15 minutes. This time, two hours later I was still shoveling huge chunks of snow off my own driveway, and others as I didn't want to stop. I am a better person now, physically, mentally and emotionally. My wife and I thank you Lift Gym for everything

    Thomas Barlow
  • I lost 22.7 pounds in 42 days. I know I never could have done that without this program. I feel better and stronger than I have in a very long time. I also have gained knowledge and tools that I will carry with me in future eating. I look at eating and working out in a new way that will transcend this experience. Thank you to all of the supportive professionals and tribe members who made my experience so wonderful. I am very grateful and hope that anyone who is looking to make a true transformation for themselves finds this gym! Amara Schaible

    Amara Schaible


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